Simply Raw Milk is not processed milk but milk straight from beautiful pasture-fed cows with nothing taken out. It is not pasteurised or homogenized but milk that has a wonderful creamy taste.


Simply Raw Milk, is a small dairy farm located in the beautiful Quantocks, Somerset.  We are council tenant farmers having farmed here for over 40 years.  Dairy is something as a family we have always been passionate about and producing tasty first class milk comes from happy and contented cows.

The cows are mostly free-range grazing on succulent pastures.  Whilst we are not a registered organic farm we believe in keeping everything as natural as possible.  We do not use hormones and the farm supplies milk that is free of antibiotics.  The calves stay in the field with their mothers for as long as possible.

People often ask us if it is safe – we have a license from the FSA to sell the milk direct to the public.  We also have the milk and cows regularly tested.  It is however a requirement of the licence that we let you know – that the milk has not been heat treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health.


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White Horse Farm, Over Stowey, Somerset, TA5 1HG